Top 7 plants that will protect you from mosquitoes

Summer is the time when mosquitoes rule. We can fight against them with chemicals, but their smell is quite aggressive and many people do not like it. There is also a natural way to fight mosquitoes. Certain plants, which you can plant in your garden or balcony, repel mosquitoes and other insects with their scent. We present an overview of the five best and most effective.

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Mosquitoes and rosemary do not like each other! Place the jar of rosemary on the window sill, and thus you have prevented mosquitoes from entering the room, especially when the rosemary is in bloom. If you want to get rid of pesky insects, shake a jar of rosemary and increase its effectiveness. However, if a mosquito sneaks through the ambush and bites you, rosemary will help you again. The leaves of this plant will relieve the itching caused by the bite. It is therefore not surprising that preparations against mosquito bites and other insects are made from rosemary essential plants.


In addition to being ideal for various gastronomic combinations, basil will also be useful in the fight against mosquito bites. Basil is one of the strongest repellants, more precisely, a substance that is applied to the skin, clothes or other surfaces that repels insects. It will also be effective if a mosquito bites you. Rub the bite site with basil leaves and you will reduce the itching.


It is generally known that lavender is very effective in the fight against moths, and therefore many dry it and put it in cloth bags in closets. However, this plant is not only effective in this field. Lavender repels mosquitoes with its scent, and at the same time refreshes the space and affects the mood.


In addition to beautifying the space with its flower all summer, the marigold really has another important role. With its scent, calendula will repel mosquitoes and other insects, and it also acts on roundworms, nematodes, and other pests in the ground.


With its scent, mint will repel not only mosquitoes but also ants, fleas and various other insects. Bouquets of dry mint, on the other hand, have an unpleasant smell for mice.


Ageratum is an annual flowering plant that affects the reproductive abilities of adults. The color of the flowers can be blue, white or purple. Flowering lasts until the first autumn frosts.

Lemon grass

This plant has an exceptional smell and is a common ingredient in many mosquito repellent products. Lemongrass is easy to grow. It does not tolerate frost. In warmer climates you can plant it where it will have enough sun. This plant effectively repels mosquitoes.

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